Foundations of Health


As we start the New Year, many of us take advantage of the opportunity to make a fresh start with New Year’s resolutions. Many resolutions relate to health, whether, being more active or having less junk food. Unfortunately, what may start with great drive can prove to be overwhelming within a few weeks. With these goals we have set for ourselves, it is great to remember that making changes to the fundamental aspects of health; nutrition, activity, sleep and our mental-emotional state; are the best place to start on your way to achieving your goals.



When it comes to nutrition, we are often overwhelmed with different information and ever-changing “superfood” trends that are hard to keep up with. Many people focus on all of the things they cannot have, but bringing your attention to those foods, can often cause you to crave them more. A healthy diet looks different for each person, but it is best to start simple. Beginning with a good breakfast everyday will help you to start you day off right with a nourishing and blood sugar stabilizing meal. This will help you to prepare your energy right for the day ahead. After that, focus on these three simple things that are most commonly deficient in our diets. A variety of vegetables, choosing an assortment of colors and aiming to have at least 4-5 servings per day; clean protein, such as fish, poultry or legumes and lots of water, generally 2-3 liters per day.



Being active does not have to be an intense workout that seems too hard for us to even attempt. Being active can be anything that gets us up and moving, and if it is something we enjoy we are more likely to stick to it. Finding the time is often the biggest obstacle to being active and exercising, but even ten-minute increments throughout the day can make a difference over time. Sometimes people find that setting aside 30 minutes per day or 1 hour three times per week to work well for them too. Finding activities you enjoy doing and committing time each day to do them will start a positive ripple effect. You will find your energy and mood will be improve, which will give you the motivation you need to continue with daily exercise. Find what works best for your schedule and lifestyle and you will soon see that what once seemed impossible is now enjoyable.



We always hear that eight hours of sleep is what we all need to be properly rested, but the truth is we are all different. Aim to have a sufficient amount of sleep to wake rested the next day, focusing equally on sleep quality and quantity. For some, falling asleep can be a struggle, or staying asleep can have a big impact on how much we rest. There are many factors, which affect sleep, namely diet, stress, hormones, mood and environmental factors. A good nights rest can be the difference between a great day, or one we are struggling to get through.


Mental, emotional and spiritual connection

Our world is filled with constant stressors and messages telling us to do things faster and better, there is no surprise that so many of us feel that life is overwhelming. Establishing a healthy mental, emotional and spiritual state may be the most important base for our health. Ensuring that we have healthy relationships, ways to relieve stress, and bringing awareness to our own selves and surroundings, are fundamental to achieving any goal. Finding ways to feel true to yourself and exploring different avenues to make those connections is a lifelong journey. By continually working towards a positive sense of self you can bring more happiness into your life with every step you take. Be gentle with yourself, and trust what your body, your mind and your emotions are telling you. Those subtle connections help to bring thoughtfulness to every moment, and allow us to make life choices and decisions from a place of awareness.


Every person is unique and knowing what is best for your specific situation can seem challenging. A Naturopathic Doctor can help to support you in all aspects of your health and make recommendations about all of these fundamental components and more. Our clinic is here to help you on your journey to Whole Health!