Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine, much like Naturopathic Medicine, is a comprehensive approach to improving health and treating illness. In both, the goal is to identify and treat the root cause of disease rather than just suppressing the symptoms. By looking at the body as an integrated system rather than a collection of organs, we can address the interactions between genes, environment, and lifestyle factors which all influence our health. We take the time with each patient to listen to their complete health history, which allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the whole system and the cause of any biological imbalances. We engage the patient in a therapeutic partnership, shifting away from a traditional disease centred approach to a patient centred approach. This allows our treatment plans to be individualized in order to treat the true cause of disease for long lasting benefits and a true health.

The cause of disease can come from one cause, or multiple causes.  For example, if a patient has depression, the cause could be lack of essential fats, low thyroid function, low hormone production, lack of vitamin D or antibiotic use.  In order to find the cause or causes of disease, it is ideal to run some functional testing.  This helps our doctors find the potential causes that are specific to each individual patient.  As well, what may be the cause of your depression, could be different than the cause of another individual’s depression.  This is why it is so important to get your individualized functional medicine assessment done, so you can find the causes of YOUR health concerns and thus, have an individualized treatment plan tailored to your health.