Fertility concerns are becoming more and more of a challenge among individuals.  There are multiple factors that can contribute to the struggles patients face with fertility, including, female reproductive issues, male reproductive issues, and difficulties with the developing fetus.  Our naturopathic doctors take an individualized approach in helping patients to achieve their fertility goals, and understand how to prepare the body for pregnancy. This preparation encourages the body to replenish deficient nutrients, improve dietary intake, detoxify harmful toxins in the body, reduce oxidative stress, optimize egg and sperm production, and balance all hormones that influence reproduction. Our naturopathic doctors can also help to improve IUI and IVF fertility outcomes, egg quality and quantity, implantation, sperm quantity, quality, and function.  

Common signs and symptoms patients may experience with fertility challenges:

  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Absent or infrequent periods
  • Low Ovarian Reserve
  • Poor Egg Quality
  •  Low Sperm counts
  • Poor sperm motility and forms
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Thyroid signs and symptoms
  • Changes in sexual desire
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Difficulty maintaining a pregnancy (miscarriage)


Conditions we treat that are Associated with Fertility Concerns:

  •         Irregular menstrual cycles
  •         PCOS
  •         IUI procedure support
  •         IVF procedure support
  •         Low sperm counts, motility, forms
  •         Low ovarian reserve
  •         Hormonal imbalance
  •         Low estrogen
  •         Low progesterone
  •         Miscarriages
  •         Low testosterone
  •         Erectile dysfunction
  •         Low libido
  •         Mood changes
  •         Stress

Our naturopathic doctors have a special interest and extensive success in treating fertility patients. Your first step to achieving your fertility goals is to Make an Appointment today!


The naturopathic doctors at the Whole Health Naturopathic Clinic take a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to fertility.  It is ideal to begin your fertility preparation 4 months prior to trying to conceive, if possible. Taking this approach allows us to guide you in cleansing your body for future pregnancy, making appropriate dietary recommendations to support pregnancy and conception, bringing your nutrient status up to the ideal level, eliminating excess inflammation, optimizing hormone levels, and reducing lifestyle stress.  We also offer acupuncture treatment to patients as an option for fertility. Once we have all of the information about your case, we will make individualized recommendations to improve your fertility outcomes.


Blood Testing

Our naturopathic doctors use blood testing to screen for any nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances.  We look at iron, Vitamin B12, folate, thyroid hormone levels (TSH, fT4, fT3), Vitamin D levels, blood glucose/sugar levels, Cortisol, Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Progesterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulphate (DHEAS), Luteinizng hormone (LH), Testosterone, Estradiol, Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) and Prolactin.   We use these tests to help guide our recommendations for each individual case.

Hormone testing

Our naturopathic doctors also use salivary hormone testing or Dried Urine Testing (DUTCH) to evaluate hormones. The DUTCH test also provides important information about oxidative stress levels, cortisol levels, and nutrient deficiencies.  Choosing between the blood, saliva, and urine tests will be discussed within our comprehensive assessment of your fertility concerns, as not all patients require all of these tests. Patients will be guided and educated on the different testing options, and a recommendation for your specific case will be made.    

Food Sensitivity Testing

Some patients experience fertility challenges when their dietary intake is causing inflammation and malabsorption of nutrients throughout their body.  By performing a food sensitivity test we can discover and eliminate the foods that could be leading to this inflammation and hampering your fertility outcomes.