Urine hormone testing, like salivary hormone testing, is an easy, effective, non-invasive and scientifically proven way of measuring hormones. The Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones, also known as the DUTCH test, is an easy and effective way to test hormones and metabolites. Our hormones have various forms and the different forms have different effects on our body. As our body experiences stressors, our hormone metabolism may get shifted creating an imbalance in the specific metabolites of the hormone. This is simple to send a dried urine sample for testing, and the research is showing it is a very advanced way to measure hormones. By having both the hormones and metabolites, it allows for a more comprehensive picture of what is happening in the body. Extensive research has shown the validity and accuracy of this test, making it one of the best tests available for sex and adrenal hormones. This unique test truly provides a complete profile of hormones and how they are being metabolized, allowing for more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. For more information visit Precision Analytical